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27th October 2012

10:37pm: assorted 2601

Take one bridge and add an earthquake. What do you get? A twisted wreck, that's what.

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25th September 2012

10:23pm: The needle and the damage done
We don't get storms on the Canterbury plains often, or so I'd been told. The storm we had a few weeks ago truly was a biggie.

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28th August 2012

10:29pm: Wood End Beach
We spent our Christmaas Day here last year - and this is the beach in winter:

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5:28pm: And finally, some pretty pictures of Sumner!

Sumner was a really posh area of this city before the quakes hit, and can't you just see why! The views are amazing!


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11th April 2012

10:29pm: So here are the photos of the quadbiking!

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11th March 2012

2:42pm: We had an excellent afternoon at Ferrymead Heritage Park. Some of the buildings had been damaged by the 6.0 we had just before Christmas and were still closed, earthquakes not being kind to heritage buildings, but most of it was just fine.

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1st January 2012

9:24pm: What I did on my holidays (part V)

It would be most unfair to describe Greymouth as grey just because it's named after a politician of that name; it's actually quite a colourful town.

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7:59pm: What I did on my holidays (part IIII)

The following day it rained.

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2:05pm: What I did on my holidays (part II)

We went up the next day onto Fox Glacier for a half day walking tour.

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25th December 2011

6:36pm: Here's where we spent Christmas day :

Christmas location
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Have a great one, everyone!

9th October 2011

8:53pm: Moving of th'earth brings harmes and feares
Things I expected to do tonight:

- wash mud and cowshit out of hair
- make post about weekend away
- all the washing in the world

Things I did not expect to do tonight

- hide under dining room table watching the ground roll.

Edit: 5.5! That's by far the biggest since we got here. I lose the bet with [personal profile] crazyscot. I didn't think it was that big - but it's only the second where I've felt that rolling motion, and that other was a 5 too. Only this time I was awake for the whole thing, and could "appreciate" it more... It was very loud, and the noise seemed to come from all directions, even before the house started shaking. It went on for a long time, and I could actually see the ground under the table rising and falling in a wave.

12th September 2011

10:03pm: The lights flash amber...
We went down to the edge of the cordon yesterday.

On the edge of the red zone, the lights flash amber all day long
On the edge of the red zone, the traffic lights flash amber all day long.

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11th September 2011

11:43am: They'll make you a mix tape / to give you a clue
We had another non-trivial quake here this morning, only a mid 4, but it went on for a very long time.

[personal profile] crazyscot thinks we should invent an earthquake dance, which, in the spirit of Deep Secret, I thoroughly endorse.

I also think we need a Christchurch mix tape. But what would be on it? Shake, Rattle and Roll? Chumbawumba's I Get Knocked Down (But I Get Up Again)? How about I'm Still Standing by Elton John?

Over to you, flist.... :)
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8th September 2011

9:54pm: One of my colleagues linked me to this video from the Japanese earthquake:

25th August 2011

10:22pm: P1020378

We drove out to Banks Peninsular, an enormous volcanic feature comprised of two extinct and overlapping shield volcanoes. Read more...Collapse )

12th August 2011

10:50pm: Dinner, interrupted
Since I posted last, I've had a hectic few days trying to get all the jobs done before starting work on Monday. In the midst of this I decided to get a slow cooker, because the idea of coming home to find dinner already hot and waiting for us sounded simply wonderful.

But the first cooker was chipped, so it had to go back. The second went back as well, this time for an invisible fault (I'd made a point of visually inspecting it in the shop). This second one had a timer that switched the cooker off at random intervals. At this point I had a sense of humour failure, we got our money back, and we went elsewhere for its replacement. We were some unknown part way through cooking a bean and vegetable stew, which we restarted again this evening only to find that it was far too liquid and tasted of nothing much at all.

Some serious fettling and a vast amount of chili and cornflour made it (more than) edible, but clearly there is more to this slow cooking lark than meets the eye.

It now turns out that Christchurch has another serious snow warning for the beginning of next week, so I shan't be starting my job on Monday after all. Last time, people assured us that snow was unusual for this city. Then, I believed them. Now, I am now somewhat skeptical! We are preparing to barricade ourselves in against the elements. However, we hope that we can get in ahead of the snow for a Saturday drive to Akaroa; fingers crossed the weather doesn't arrive early.

8th August 2011

10:39am: This morning we walked out of the house - which, after last night's cold, I am christening Vostok Station - to see a duck waddling up our driveway!

And, a little later, when I brought my plant pots out of the garage into the sunshine, I discovered that I have become mummy to lots of little rocket seedlings. That was quick! I only planted them a week ago. And at these temperatures too... Truly, my seedlings are hardier than I am!

4th August 2011

11:15pm: Don't laugh, but I have done something quite out-of-character. I have joined a gym. I have been on a machine today, and everything.

It is something of a relief not to find such organisations staffed by all the PE teachers of my youth, but then at least some of them have probably been tried for crimes against humanity in the meantime :). Or perhaps they are keeping them in the cupboard, for future use.

I seem to have become someone else... I am rather enjoying it.

24th July 2011

10:20pm: We survived being eaten by our randomly-starting automatic garage door mechanism, as you can probably tell because I'm writing this. We moved in the following day, and had the bed, the fridge/freezer and the microwave delivered. Since then, we've been slowly adding to our empire with frequent shopping trips.

Heating devices are have become something of a theme in our shopping. The house is very cold, and Christchurch is scheduled for a rare blattering of snow over the next hours. It's not as cold as the winter I spent in the cottage before the central heating was installed - but, well, it could be better. My longjohns are proving very useful, and right now I'm wearing 4 layers. We have resigned ourselves to spending the next few days holed up in the bedroom with multiple electric fires going full blast...

...Talk about cabin fever! And the resemblance to being in a ship at sea was reinforced quite strongly by the rolling motion of the 5.1 quake we had a couple of nights back. That's the strongest aftershock I've felt, and it went on for a surprising time.

I am looking forward to the weather getting warmer in the second half of this coming week! But this snow does have its advantages. Today we took the car for a run and headed north for an hour. Across the flat, agricultural plains, we could see the mountains beyond in the distance, white with snow. It was very beautiful.

19th July 2011

9:38pm: I picked up the keys to our new rental house today and, once crazyscot was back from work and had eaten, we went out, firstly to return the hire car (I also picked up our new-to-us car today) and secondly to check that the house had been left locked and with all lights switched off by the previous tenants.

Picture the scene. It's pitch black and dead quiet, not a soul around except us. Stars twinkle in the sky. By torchlight, we open the door to this vast mansion. We step inside. And then, from the depths of the deserted garage comes a loud, mechanical chewing noise......
9:38am: Well, that's a surprise. Hands up those of you who would expect your UK mobile phone to be locked against other networks' sim cards? Mine wasn't.

Of course, it would have been more useful knowing that before I bought my NZ handset! but then, I guess we should have tried a sim in my UK phone first before buying a package here. I just thought all phones were locked as standard. Clearly I was wrong.

17th July 2011

8:43pm: We've all seen images of Christchurch cathedral. But yesterday we went past the city's other cathedral - the Catholic one.

It"s a miracle nobody died

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11th July 2011

4:42pm: Someone once told me that the novel Tristram Shandy features a narrator whose attempts to tell his story are disrupted by the speed at which Real Life (TM) continues to happen to him. I have no idea if that's true because I've never read it, and to be honest, I don't want to now because that's such a wonderful premise that I fear the book couldn't possibly be as good as I imagine it to be.

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Apparently, we had a 4.something earthquake here this afternoon (no, that was before my jumping up and down!) that did a fair amount of damage across the city. Or so the radio tells me...

10th July 2011

7:12am: Today is our 4th morning in Christchurch and, like every morning so far, I was amazed to look out of the window and find New Zealand still outside. I keep expecting to find the UK instead, and a big message: "Your credit has expired. Insert more £££ into the meter to continue". But, so far, our credit seems to be good :).
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